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Confectionery Shop Owner

Benefits, Marketing & Advertising

  • Digital shoppers can find or discover your business more easily.

  • Benefit from your association with a trusted, branded site.

  • Expand and enhance your online presence.

  • Low start-up cost with affordable subscription rates.

  • Handle and control your own transactions and shipping on your site.

  • Your business keeps 100% of its profits.

  • Expansive social media marketing & advertising campaigns.

  • Nationwide weekly marketing & promotions.

  • Attract new customers.

  • Develop an additional revenue stream.

  • Opportunities for collaborative and featured advertising initiatives.

  • Little to no technical expertise required.

  • We leverage our revenue (subscription fees), creating a larger advertising and promotions budget to benefit all shopz.

  • Cancel at any time.

Archery Arrows


We customize our target markets throughout the United States.  Our marketing targets online shoppers ages 18 to 65 in targeted cities and states.  Target markets will include the locations of participating shopz.


Our goal is to tap into the 268 million (70%) digital buyers in the U.S.  


Customized Ads

Our marketing tools include the utilization of our ads on Google, social media and traditional paid advertisements.

Shopz owners have the opportunity to customize your target market and the look and feel of your ads.


VIDEOS:  Send us a video pitching your shop and products to and we will advertise it for you!  Here is an example

INFOGRAPHICS: Email us pictures of your shop and products to and we will advertise it for you!  Here is an example

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